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The Rotonda Restaurant in Gordola contains different types of cuisine. The blue color extends through all the spaces, from the large terrace, to the guest room, the sushi space and the teppanyaki island (the venue's main attraction, which can accommodate up to 10 guests at the same time. The Sushi kitchen, framed by a decoration with Carpe Koi, remains visible on the room.

For many years, the first floor of the Al Pontile restaurant on the lakefront of Ascona has hosted the Salon Bleu, a famous room used for countless events and private parties. The space was originally characterized by a boiserie in solid wood; by two magnificent leaded stained glass windows, representing the panorama of Ascona in shades of blue; from elegant ceiling moldings; and a Carrara marble floor. All these elements have been maintained and valued.

Inside the Campo Felice Camping Village in Tenero, a 4* campsite spread over 15 hectares of land, including 400 meters of beach, there is the building that houses the Campo Felice restaurant. The spaces are completely immersed in Nature, which is accentuated by the architectural concept of merging internal and external spaces. The Interior Design underlines once again the importance of the surrounding Nature.

The goal of this project is to enhance the company's employees, providing them with a welcoming space that allows them to relax during work breaks.

Galvolux is a Swiss company, specialized in the technique of glass and mirrors, and is constantly evolving. Great value and research are placed on new technologies that make possible types of innovative executions.

fip studio fischli  is an interior architecture studio specialized since 1976 in consulting and designing contract objects (restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, hotels, offices) and residential spaces.



21  /  04  /  2022

Read the interesting article published in the April 2022 edition of Ticino Management.


01  /  04  /  2022

The new company canteen of GALVOLUX, a leading company in the glass and mirror technology sector.


12  /  11  /  2021

Participation in the first edition of BIAE in Vicenza, the International Furniture and Building Exchange.
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