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The goal of this project is to enhance the company's employees, providing them with a welcoming space that allows them to relax during work breaks.


Galvolux is a Swiss company, specialized in the technique of glass and mirrors, and is constantly evolving. Great value and research are placed in the new technologies that make possible types of executions not yet conceived by competitors in the sector.


Several Galvolux materials have been integrated into the project, to show some of the infinite possibilities of realization. We find them as wall cladding, as mirrors cut to shape, as countertops in the kitchen, and table tops. The attention to detail is visible in the walls decorated with printed glass: the joints are almost imperceptible and the "leaf" design has no interruptions even on the edges.

At the center of the room is born a tree full of leaves which, through their antiqued finish, discreetly mirror the space in different angles. These symbolize the employees, who make the continued growth of the company possible.

The large convivial table, placed in the center of the room, is highlighted by the decorative Grès carpet, and by the lamps that hang over it in an "almost" casual way.

Not only the visual aspect contributes to making a space welcoming, but the theme of acoustics is also very important. In order to achieve an ideal acoustic comfort to give the possibility of detaching oneself from the work routine for short moments, various sound-absorbing elements have been integrated.



Break time area & staff restaurant


Bioggio, Lugano


February 2022

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