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Daniela Fischli Interior Designer

Daniela Fischli



Interior Designer SUP OTIA

fip studio fischli  is an interior architecture studio with over 40 years of experience in consulting and designing contract objects (restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, hotels, offices) and residential spaces.


Daniela Fischli was born and raised in Lugano, Switzerland. At eighteen she moved to study at the Faculty of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. After this three-year experience, he decided to deepen the theme of interior space design and attended the Professional University School of Italian Switzerland, obtaining the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture in 2010.


Having grown up in a creative environment, she has always nurtured particular

interest in the aesthetic side of "things", both as regards the world of architecture and that of fashion. So he decides to follow a dream, in parallel to the profession of interior architect, attending the Ambrosiana Goldsmith School in Milan, where he obtains the diploma of Jewelery Designer.  


In 2019 he follows in his father's footsteps becoming the owner of  fip studio fischli , interior architecture studio founded by Peter Fischli in 1976.


With more than four hundred successful projects in recent years - a great wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of contract design - the studio specializes in the design of restaurants, bars, take away, kitchens, shops and hotels. The design of residential spaces is also of great importance for the office.

The range of customers also extends beyond Switzerland as communication does not impose any limits, speaking Italian, German, Swiss German, French and English.​

"I am constantly looking for innovative solutions in step with the latest trends: combining beauty with functionality is the winning combination for a successful project."

- D. Fischli   

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