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Ristorante Al Pontile Ascona
Ristorante Al Pontile Ascona


For many years, the first floor of the Al Pontile restaurant on the lakefront of Ascona has hosted the Salon Bleu, a famous room used for countless events and private parties.

The space was originally characterized by a well-made Boiserie in solid wood; by two magnificent leaded stained glass windows, representing the panorama of Ascona in shades of blue; from elegant ceiling moldings; from a Carrara marble floor with dark inserts; and a showcase with sinuous lines.

All these elements, which have lived through the history of the Salon Bleu, have been maintained but enhanced and interpreted in a modern key through the balanced use of colours, wallpapers, plays of light and modern furnishings. The main colors used for the vertical surfaces range from blue/grey to soft gold, combined with a stone gray color for the ceilings. The Carrara marble floor gives particular light to the entire space. 

Even the bathrooms on the floor needed a "facelift", and given the very tight deadlines it was decided to cover the tiles with a "worn" look with a micro-cement with a structured effect, in the same shades of blue as in the room . The combination with the golden accessories and the backlit mirrors make these small spaces real jewels.


A complex but very engaging and creative project for this space that still has so much to tell: a modern look with an eye towards tradition.







February 2023

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