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Arredamento Bar Lugano con divani e sedute lounge. Quadri con immagini fotografiche che rappresentano il tema bakery, caffetteria e pasticceria. Una tostatrice a parete sottolinea il carattere di caffetteria e coffee shop..
Arredamento Bar Lugano con tavolo alto, divani e sedute lounge. Un tavolo alto centrale con le gambe tornite, diventa il punto focale del locale. Quadri con immagini fotografiche e tostatrice a parete.


In the "Corte dei Sapori", at the Quartier Maghetti in the center of Lugano, there is a new restaurant that completes the gastronomic offer. Latte Macchiato is a cafeteria and bakery that offers sweet and savory products of its own production, to be combined with traditional and more particular coffees.

Entering the restaurant you are enveloped by the scent of coffee. The beans divide the room on one side, while on the other they are contained in silos divided into four varieties of raw and roasted coffee.


The sales counter is made with natural materials, such as the massive top in Carrara marble and the front in oak wood enhanced by a boiserie. There are two backlit niches in which to display products related to the world of coffee.


The wall cupboard behind the counter offers the possibility of decorating the room with handcrafted products on sale, making it warm and welcoming.

The wall-mounted roaster and the photographic images once again recall the bakery and cafeteria theme.



Bakery & Coffee Shop




June 2021

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