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Frau Helvetia is the Take Away present in the central station of Zurich, which offers dishes that follow traditional Swiss recipes. The assortment, like the location in which it is located, is in constant "movement": from month to month the specialties of the different Swiss regions are presented, highlighted on the stylized map, behind the hot drinks.

The cheerful and colorful environment invites the customer to take a short stop and discover what Frau Helvetia has to offer. Crossing the threshold you find yourself immersed in an alpine landscape abstracted by the blue sky. The red color of the Swiss flag is predominant and occurs in several elements.


The assortment is described by hand on the blackboards and, like the signs that we find along the mountain paths, they show us the right "direction to take".

The materials used are reminiscent of the "grandmother's kitchen" but are interpreted in a modern key: antique brass, like the pans and pots; raw wood, such as ladles and cutting boards; the decoration of the furniture fronts, such as the majolica on the walls.​



Take Away & Shop


Central Rail Station, Zurich



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